Roller ball pens or rollerball pens are pens which use ball point writing mechanisms with water-based liquid ink.
These less viscous inks, which tend to saturate more deeply and more widely into paper than other types of ink,
give roller ball pens their distinctive writing qualities.
The writing point(writing ball) is a tiny ball, usually 0.5 or 0.7 mm in diameter, that transfers the ink
from the reservoir onto the paper as the pen moves.
In our Ceramic Roller Pen, as a writing ball, we use Ceramic ball instead of Tungsten carbide. 

Ceramic Ball vs Tungsten Carbide(TC) Ball.

Required conditions of a
ballpoint pen's writing ball
TC Ball Ceramic Ball Features of Ceramic Ball
Surface asperity Excellent ink absorbation property.
Due to the characteristics of the material, the ceramic ball has unlimited natural craters on the surface of the ball.
The ink is accumulated in the craters, thus the flow is extremely smooth.
⇒ Smooth ink flow
⇒ Easy to write
Chemical stability
■Chemical resistance
■Corrosion resistance
■Abrasion resistance
Excellent preservation stability, because the ceramic ball does not rust.
This rust free property gives instant and quality writing.
Because, if the ball gets rust, ball movement will not be smooth causing defective writing.
Hardness Ceramic is second to diamond in hardness.
Ceramic ball does not deform, so  ball revolutions(rotations) are always smooth. 
* Writing ball rotates 10,000 to 13,600 times per minuate
depending on the size of the ball, writing speed, writing pressure, quality of paper, ink type etc. 

 Once you experience writing with the Ceramic Roller Pen, you can not
compromise the writing quality with any other pens.

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