Cutting type single blocked Needle Tip and low-viscosity oil-based ink (soft ink).
Combination of these two technologies is "NEEDLE-POINT" Soft Ink Roller Pen.

Writing quality of NEEDLE-POINT
■ Very soft
■ Clear writing of tiny letters
■ Darker color shade in Black ink
■ Clear, Stable and Stress free writing

Thin but strong Needle Tip !

Conventional needle type is made by using two type of parts 
(metal pipe and plastic adapter)as shown in the figure below.

If the writing pressure is strong, extra burden on the plastic adapter
may cause the tip bend and affect the writing performance.

Whereas , Needle tip is made of single block. It does not have plastic adapter.
So it is as strong as conventional cone tip.
It will not bend, no matter how strong the writing pressure is.

Why NEEDLE-POINT gives very smooth writing feeling?

The reason is OHTO original SOFT INK and Single blocked Needle Tip.

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