Our history begins in 1919, with the foundation of Tokyo based Ink Manufacturing Company.
Our long experience in manufacturing inks helped us to manufacture high quality inks for our pens.
Currently, we manufacture following 3 types of ink.

Roller ink is water-based ink.
It combines the nice smooth writing  properties with the wet ink property of a fountain pen ink.

Basic features of Roller Ink:
■Give fountain pen like smooth & light writing.

Soft ink is oil-based low viscosity ink.

Basic features of SOFT INK:
■Steady, soft and clear writing
■Gives very dark and clear lines(black ink)
(excellent for copy and fax )

Gel ink is water-based ink.
OHTO Gel ink is a combination of  the best properties of ROLLER INK  and SOFT INK.
It offers the permanence of oil-based soft ink and the smooth writing of water-based roller ink.
The Gel ink base can accept a higher saturation of pigment than oil-based soft ink or water-based roller ink.
This pigment saturation makes OHTO's ink colors more vivid.

Basic features og Gel Ink:
■Steady and smooth writing
■Vividness and variation in colors



Feeling of writing Light & Smooth Steady and Soft Steady and Soft
Color Excellent Best Excellent
Blotless writing Better Excellent Excellent
Reflectionless Better Excellent Excellent
Ink viscosity Low High Medium


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